Deep-Healing Individual Session

So you’ve come to a group Sound Bath, maybe tried out a few Chakra-Balancing Sessions and you are feeling so much better – clearer and calmer, more focused. But there are still some lingering feelings and issues you haven't quite resolved or let go of - those stuck places that you would like to release or have fewer of. Perhaps it’s time to do some deeper work with sound healing.

My Deep-Healing Sessions begin with a checkin to see how you are feeling and help you set your intention for the healing you wish to be open to. I use a selection of Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments - multi-tonal Tibetan singing bowls, the Tingshas, Gantas and Dorjes - to unlock knots, blockages and trauma in your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Shamanic drums and rattles as well as crystals may also be used to move energy up, down and out, as we work together to free your spirit and restore your body and mind to lightness and balance.

Deep Healing with Sound usually requires a series of sessions to unlock, release and balance. It also requires a willingness on your part to release what you no longer need and to be open to the vulnerability you will feel as long buried energies are drawn up and released. The lightness, freedom and balance you feel with each session is worth the work!

During a Deep-Healing Session you lie on the floor on comfortable mats and blankets and the Sacred Sound Instruments are placed around your body and directly on your body's energy centres. As you lie in perfect awareness and stillness, the Bowls are played together in Sacred Geometrical patterns, and with the Gantas and Dorjes, will find and direct the releasing of all that which you wish to let go of.

At the end of a session, the Gong is played softly, to work at a cellular level, clearing and cleansing all pathways, restoring balance to your body and mind. For deep-healing sessions I play the 8 Corners of Heaven Gong, designed by world renowned Gong Master Don Conreaux. This gong's deep, healing and spiritually restorative vibrations will rock you gently and put you back together again in perfect balance, as you were meant to be.

Sessions last for 90 minutes and the cost is $120 (including HST).