Let’s Create Healing Sound Together

Co-Creating Events

I love co-creating events with other healers and healing modalities! Healing sounds can be used before classes, events, activities, ceremonies, performances etc. to relax and open participants for deeply meaningful work together. Used afterwards, healing sounds allow people to rest, re-energize and refresh.

  • The possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of what I have done.
  • My large Temple bell is used during guided meditations to help people sink into the slower brainwaves of deep meditation and trance.
  • Soundtracks from my instruments were blended into the musical score of an innovative theatre performance on healing from trauma.
  • A joint sound bath with RMT/Sound Practitioner, Samara Liu, created an amazing Sonic Healing Circle at Yoga Village.
  • A series of monthly fundraising events with Naomi Frank at the Toronto Community Acupuncture clinic blended needles for relaxation with an hour long sound bath of gongs and bowls.
  • A series of Sound Baths at Downward Dog Yoga Centre blended with the teachings of Shamanic Guide and Energy Healer, Dany Lyne at her Full Moon and Equinox Energy Salons.

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Sound Training: Intuitive Playing

I believe that creativity comes from intuition, from non-linear thinking, and from spiritual awareness and connection. It’s the difference between a competent musician or sound healer and a great one. If you yearn for more openness and freedom in your music, this training is for you.

Through a series of sessions, I support you in finding the right practices that will open you up to a larger vision, and the freedom to leave your mind behind when you play. At the end of your training, you will be able to pick up almost any instrument (or use your own voice) and make beautiful sounds without fear or self-judgement.

Training sessions can be individual or in small groups of two, three or four. Prices vary from $30-50/person for small groups to $115 for an individual session.

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