A Gifted Healer

Just wanted to tell you what a treasure you are and what a gifted healer. The experience of the Gong playing truly transported and touched me deeply. You are an inspiration to me!


Thank you so much

I felt great yesterday from the treatment and found it really fascinating. Thank you so much for holding space yesterday and for the sounds. It was magical.

Sydney Fletcher

Magical combination

I loved my session with Barb, and I’m looking forward to the next one. I felt refreshed and energized and yet relaxed, which is a magical combination!

Karen Nair

Effective for pain relief

Sound therapy was suggested by my reiki practitioner as one of the tools for emotional and physical healing. Although at the time of the first session I was in significant pain, I felt very relaxed and comfortable throughout the session and enjoyed being so aware of my body and being very present in my mind. I was amazed how effective that very first session was for pain relief.


Like nothing I’ve experienced

What a wonderful experience! It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Right now, if I sit still, I can recall the sensation of the sounds and the incredible vibrations. I know that today I have more energy than has been available to me in more than 5 weeks… the weakness and ennui has disappeared.

Sharon Stevens

Life changing

I've done group sessions and private sessions with Barb. The healing and insights that come from Barb and her…

Posted by Rebecca Ormond on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Energy balancing

Every session feels different, and this is a beautiful experience in the journey of personal healing and exploration. Barb and her wonderful bowls and gongs are able to magically tune into and balance the energy of your state at the moment.


I felt fully supported…

…as though two hands were at my shoulders, cradling me in a loving embrace of sound.

It was as though waves of sound were washing over me, clearing my cluttered mind and helping to quell anxiety that I wasn’t even aware I had been holding.

What a profound release! Barb is a truly gifted, intuitive healer who can transport and guide her clients to a different dimension.

I will definitely be back!

Sheila Noonan