Tibetan Singing Bowls […]

Five Tibetan Singing Bowls on a mountain scene with cascading waterfalls.

Ancient spirits sound from the highest mountains to the deepest valleys.
These bowls untie your tightest knots and let your true vitality flow.

Singing Bowls are a very ancient tool for healing. Originally made in the time of the Buddha, to aid in meditation, they were later brought to Tibet by travelling Buddhist monks.

Over time, high in the Himalayan mountains, the Tibetan monks developed ways of healing with sound. They perfected the art of chanting in overtones (singing while producing multiple notes at the same time with their voices). And they used the heavy metal bowls to produce similar harmonies for healing.

These methods have remained secret for centuries, known only to the Tibetan monks who passed them on to other monks by direct teaching. It is only recently, that these practices have been brought to the outside world by a select few teachers.

The vibrations of the Singing Bowls work with the flow of energy on your body - the chakras, the meridians, the dan tien. Similar to Reiki, they unblock places where energy has collected and get it moving again. They can help to speed up sluggish energy, or calm down rapid flow.

Working with the bowls brings your physical and mental energy back to it's optimal and healthy flow.