Atlantis Gong […]

Hidden deep beneath the ocean, the city of Atlantis calls you. Whales sound, waves rise and fall. What no longer serves you falls away.

Made by expert Chinese Gong makers for the American distributor Gongs Unlimited, the Atlantis Gong brings you the vibration of water, in particular the frequencies that lie deep beneath the earth's seas. This solid Gong is named after the fabled ancient Island of Atlantis that sunk beneath the sea and, some believe, still exists today. Atlantis was reputed to be a peaceful place of very advanced energy healing, in particular using the vibrational power of huge crystals, and crystal rooms.

The vibrations of the Atlantis Gong surround you, hold you and rock you gently in waves of sound. The sounds rise and fall, sending their high vibrations through the water in your body and working at the level of your cells to help you release pain and tension. Negative thoughts and feelings fall away and you are left feeling restored to your best self.

This is a very sweet Gong that will gently wash you clean of anything you want and need to let go of.

(This Gong is used in my Open and Private Group Sound Baths. It is 32" in diameter and weighs approx. 37 pounds and is a blue-grey colour.)