The Secret is in the Energy

Ever wondered why lying in the sun, on a sandy beach by the ocean can so easily make us feel rested, renewed and restored? The secret is in the energy. The warm energy of the rays of sunlight on our skin, the rhythmic sounds of the waves, the solid support of the sand beneath us – all combines to unlock our knots, free our spirit and restore us to balance. And a Chakra-Balancing Sound Healing Session can do the same thing, any day of the year, without you even leaving town.

Our bodies are made of energy – matter that vibrates continuously. Our cells vibrate, our organs vibrate, and even our thoughts and feelings have their own vibrational frequency. Energy flows through our body along meridians and through energy centres called the Chakras. Each Chakra has a specific location in our body. Each Chakra is linked to specific organs, certain groups of feelings and thoughts, colours and a specific vibrational frequency similar to a musical note.

Stress, noise, pollution, mental and physical health issues, relationships, childhood experiences and traumas, or simply the challenges of daily life – all can affect the flow of energy through our Chakras. Sometimes this flow slows down or speeds up and sometimes blockages are created, preventing healthy flow.

During a Chakra-Balancing Individual Session, special Tibetan singing bowls, each tuned to a specific Chakra, are placed around your body near their corresponding Chakras. The vibrations of each bowl, when played in certain ways, move the energy of the Chakra in your body, breaking up blockages, unlocking, freeing and restoring balance and flow.

Just as good as a day at the beach? Better…