What is Vibrational Medicine

Quantum physics tells us that everything in our universe and beyond is made up of particles that vibrate. The faster a particle vibrates, the higher it’s frequency, ie. how many times it vibrates per second. All physical things have a vibrational frequency, as do the things we do not perceive as physical, such as thoughts, feelings, auras, light and sound.

Vibrational medicine uses the living energy of plants, crystals, light and sound which, when placed on or close to the body, can alter the vibration of our physical and energetic bodies. This can improve and speed up the healing of physical illness and pain, emotional and cognitive issues, and lead to spiritual growth and insights.

Examples of vibrational medicine are: acupuncture; homeopathy; gem and flower essences; crystal healing; colour, light and laser treatments; healing sound therapies; Reiki and Therapeutic touch. Vibrational medicine, in the hands of an intuitive and compassionate practitioner, is a true mind-body-spirit therapy.