Emphasizing Wholeness

Whereas a lot of modalities read your symptoms and approach the body according to your illness, holistic sound healing works differently from that. What we do is approach the body as if it were already whole and complete, then we fill that body with vibrations that emphasize wholeness and resonance, and whatever the problem, the sound will go to that place that needs it and the body will pull it in and the cells will begin to regain their highest potential of resonance.
– Gongmaster Don Conreaux

Hey, guess what? Healing doesn’t have to be painful! Yes, sometimes we have to suffer a bit in order to learn or grow or change or really let go of some longtime patterns which no longer serve us. But Healing with Sound offers you a gentle, non-invasive, no-negative-side-effects way for improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Because pains in our body, as well as our negative thoughts and feelings, are just parts of us that are vibrating at a lower frequency than they could be, we don’t have to cut them out of our lives. We just have to gently raise their vibrations up to be on a par with the rest of us.

And nothing does that better than bathing in the powerful sounds of Gongs, Singing Bowls and other harmonic instruments. Through the scientific principle of “entrainment” (more on this in another post), all the cells of our body and brain, and therefore any thoughts or feelings generated by us, are pulled back into alignment with a healthy rate of vibration – back into their highest resonance, and potential.

Come and give it a try with a small group of friends or on your own